Acoustic coverband The Tributes


For that campfire feeling and the dance party atmosphere

The Tributes is an extremely professional acoustic trio, performing the most diverse selection of covers with boundless energy and their own unique sound. They also create their own music (When We are Wild and Nice Neighbours/Chris Link), with which they were featured on programmes including ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ in 2014, and THE HIT on RTL4 and The Voice of Holland in 2015.

Requests from the audience are a regular feature, spontaneously resulting in what are often musical highlights. There are cards on each table where the audience can write their requests – and this also happens in an interactive way. Since the start of 2016, The Tributes have introduced the ‘Karaoke Quarter Hour’. The audience may choose any song from a repertoire list, that they would like to sing live with the band. This may be selected for your event as an extra item, or as part of a live set.

As The Tributes work without a drummer, there will never be a problem with noise levels, or ringing in your ears after the performance. The Tributes pump up the energy with a digital kick drum and a range of percussion. They even manage to recreate an entire brass section with kazoos! The volume is therefore always perfectly under control, supported by their top quality sound system. This results in a very compact set up – The Tributes are flexible and can perform anywhere, even if there is limited space.

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