Allround DJ Robert Feelgood


Classics for the next generation

True to his name, all-round DJ Robert Feelgood's main goal is to create and sustain a great atmosphere, ever since his first public appearance as a club DJ in 1996.

DJ Robert selects his tracks according to the setting and the target audience, with a preference towards remixed hits and classic house. A particular speciality of this all-round DJ are his so-called bootlegs - classic songs, revamped. By adding funky beats to golden oldies as well as pop and R&B, DJ Robert has developed his own special sound for that feel good atmosphere. Classics for the next generation!

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McKinsey, BP, METS, TEXACO, Ernst&Young, ING, Roche, ANTEA, Bouwfonds, KPN, De Nederlandsche Bank, Expo Flora

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