Spectacular musical acts from the Wëreldbänd


Music, humour and acrobatics

The Wëreldbänd consists of five exceptional performers and born musicians that display the most spectacular acts through virtuosic musical slapstick. The gentleman play more than 100 instruments all together, and with their amusing eccentricity and fast-flowing jokes, they are truly world class entertainers.

Next to their own complete productions, performed to rave reviews since 2005 (including Keet, Playground, and most recently SLÄPSTICK), they have worked with big names such as Brigitte Kaandorp, Ellen ten Damme, Karel de Rooij, Martin van Waardenberg, Titus Tiel Groenestege, the Residentie Orchestra, IDT and Cirque Stiletto.

They have also made their name abroad, winning the prestigious ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ festival award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest theatre festival in the world.

A show by the Wëreldbänd is a whirlwind of musical, comedic and acrobatic treasures, that never ceases to amaze. Because where else can you see artists tap dancing on skis, jumping rope and playing guitar at the same time, and making virtuosic music with plastic coffee cups?

There is also space for a custom-made performance: the Wëreldbänd is happy to build your products or themes into their show.

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