Concert pianist Iris Hond


Concert pianist with an extraordinary story

After years of prestigious international classical concerts and CD recordings, concert pianist Iris Hond decided to take a new path. For the past three years she has been working with the legendary composer/producer Patrick Leonard (Madonna/Elton John/Pink Floyd/Leonard Cohen), to produce an album of her own narrative compositions: ‘Dear World’, released in September 2016.

The career of concert pianist Iris Hond is remarkable to say the least. Before graduating summa cum laude with a Masters degree, she was offered her first recording contract with the Decca label. She has soloed with large orchestras and performed all over the world as a pianist.

However, Iris also feels at home off the beaten track. With her ‘flying grand’, a grand piano on wheels, Iris brought people on the street from Amsterdam to New York in contact with her piano playing. Through this way of life, Iris spent a great deal of her time on the streets and became friends with many homeless people - friendships that endure to this day. This commitment to connecting with people less fortunate led to many concerts in locations such as hospitals, psychiatric facilities and prisons.

Iris has performed in a number of other notable locations, such as in the show of Diana Ross in the Gelredome, a performance with DJ Fredde Legrand in the Ziggodome, and collaborations with artists such as Ali B. Iris Hond is also a regular guest on television: she was the house pianist in the AVRO programme ‘De Tiende van Tijl’, is a regular table guest on ‘De Wereld Draait Door’, and a is talent coach on the show SUPERKIDS on RTL4.

A performance by Iris at your event can range from a classical piano recital as an intermezzo during a dinner, to a lavishly staged opening act featuring various disciplines. Naturally she is also happy to share her own composed music, bringing something truly unique to your event. It is also possible to discuss booking Iris Hond in combination with other artists.

Booking Iris Hond as an inspirational speaker
Iris Hond is also a gifted speaker. Not only can she evocatively tell about the pieces that she plays, but as a true child of the times, she can inspire your guests with themes such as creativity, individuality, and choosing a new path. She would be happy to speak at your event, whether or not it is combined with music.

Booking Iris Hond?
Please contact us for availability and prices.

Iris Hond can also be booked as a spectacular opening act in combination with breakdancer Justen Beer. Click here for more information.

UWV: “From the moment Iris Hond starts to play the audience is enchanted! Her personal life story adds to the intense experiencie. Marvelous performance!”

Percy Thio – Director Thio Pharma: “Beauty and beautiful music come together!”

Leonard Cohen: “A great spirit revealed.”

Michael Buble: “I’d like to turn Iris’ voice into a blanket and wrap my baby in it.”

Eddie van Halen: “To hear Iris play is a combination of beauty and indescribable technique. But to watch her hands while she plays is absolutely jaw dropping.”

Kevin Killen: “To watch Iris play the piano is a mesmerizing experience, such is her touch which contains finesse and dynamism within the same moment . During each performance Iris and the piano merge together to become one unique voice producing beautiful, haunting and thrilling pieces.”

Patrick Leonard: “Iris’ compositions stand shoulder to shoulder with the great works that inspired her while being uniquely her own, speaking directly to the musical truth in us all.”

Naum Grubert: “Her rare musical sensitivity makes her playing intensely personal.”

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