Tailor-made Breakdance act


A break dance opening act for any theme of your choice

Breakdance crew Come Correct are happy to create a tailor-made opening act, according to your wishes. Styling, choreography, music, visuals and multimedia can all be used to fit with your event's theme, to communicate business objectives or to send a message. The dancers love to use the element of humour: performing in an 'office' setting, with all associated noises and actions, or surprising the audience as five smartly dressed waiters that suddenly break out into stunts. Come Correct isn't afraid of a classical crossover; Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' as you've never experienced it before!

Depending on your wishes and the number of guests, a tailor-made breakdance act can be created for large and small budgets alike. Come Correct already has an extensive selection of costumes, as well as a wealth of experience in crafting customized performances.

Booking tailor-made breakdance act?
Please contact us for availability and prices.


“The act was a great success. Everyone was totally amazed, and our director even got on stage to try out a boogie wave!” – ING

“It was absolutely super. These guys were very, very good. We immediately had lots of questions asking who these break dancers were. Really nice guys, they came on time and delivered a fantastic set.” – WF Communicatie

“I’d like to extend my thanks to these guys, both for the brilliant show and their input! I loved it!” – Grupa Media Holding


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