Freerunning crew Contraversial


Freerunning and tricking crew for tailor-made shows

Freerunning Crew Contraversial creates the highest quality stunt shows, with their exhilarating blend of free running, tricking and parkour. They exercise extreme control over their body, concentration, jumping power, balance and sense of fear, to continually amaze your audience.

Freerunning Crew Contraversial can customize tailer-made shows at any location, with particular attention to the music and choreography. They have considerable experience with a range of PR campaigns and brand launches, and have been highly praised for their creativity and flexibility. At your request, they can shine the spotlight on specific tricks and stunts, or work with a particular theme. Just like what these performers do on stage: anything is possible.

Booking freerunning crew Contraversial?
Please contact us for availability and prices.

Contraversial is also available with sign juggling. Click here for more information.

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