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Singer and presenter

Hadewych Minis' talent knows no bounds. As a singer she bursts with a fiery energy, on stage with her bass guitar and live band. Her self-written songs have been inspired by her life 'on the road'. A refined mix of jazz, soul, pop, punk and funk is her particular trademark. Prepare yourself for one powerful woman, singing her heart out!

Hadewych is available in a range of functions, including:

  • Singer with a live band, with her own repertoire or covers. Hadewych even sings classical music!

  • Presenter or compère for events such as an awards ceremony or product presentation

  • Workshop leader for theatre/acting, singing and vocal coaching

A combination of roles is naturally possible - we would be happy to discuss your wishes.

Booking singer and presenter Hadewych Minis?
Please contact us for availability and prices.

Allen & Overy Finance Dinner 2014

Telegraaf: “The highlight of the day was Hadewych Minis, stealing the show from the very start. Whether it’s due to her acting experience, Minis stands firm and looks good, never mind the large bass guitar that would otherwise limit her movements, her shoulder pops and swaying hips […] This large audience deserves her.”

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