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Making unexpected connections: from prisons to a business environment

Musical storytelling
Iris Hond tells stories with words and music. By doing so, she touches the hearts of people all over the world. She looks for connections in places where you would least expect them: from life in prison to the business office.

Iris isn’t afraid to colour outside the lines and choose her own path. Iris touches you, disrupts you, moves you and rallies against the status quo.

Iris’ story
Iris left home at fourteen in order to follow her dream of becoming a concert pianist. Through difficult circumstances – for a time, Iris lived on the streets – she learned to trust herself, and the music that enabled her to make connections with other people.

Iris still carries this sense of trust with her: she made the resolute decision to stop her illustrious career as a concert pianist. Her phenomenal technique is now completely at the service of her own story, her own music, and the connections she makes with others.

A speech by Iris Hond at your event
Iris draws from her exceptional life, her experiences and talents in order to inspire guests through themes such as connection, being true to yourself, thinking outside the box, and courage. In her inspirational speeches she brings this through the power of words, but it is mostly combined with her own music and the music of her favourite composers at the grand piano, such as Chopin and Rachmaninoff.

Iris as a presenter
Iris Hond can act as a presenter for your event, introducing your speakers in her own, personal style with an eye for the overall connecting theme.

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Iris Hond can also be booked as a intermezzo act on the piano. Click here for more information.

UWV: “From the moment Iris Hond starts to play the audience is enchanted! Her personal life story adds to the intense experiencie. Marvelous performance!”

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