Opera act from soprano Francis van Broekhuizen


Beautiful opera with infectious humour

Soprano Francis van Broekhuizen is one of the few Dutch sopranos that can combine humour with top quality classical music, in an infectiously funny way. Francis doesn't just sing - she entertains, and comedy is her second nature. There are a range of options for a tailor-made comedy opera, such as:

  • A 'lecture' at a conference, appearing as a 'mystery speaker', armed with a repertoire of fitting opera songs. Francis takes the guests by surprise by acting as an expert in the field (as a doctor, accountant, professor, etc.) with an official looking powerpoint presentation, as she takes the stage to impart her knowledge. Nothing is as it seems…!

  • A light-hearted break in a formal dinner, acting as a mystery guest from the company or even from the catering staff.

Opera classics, humour and interaction with the guests are the ingredients, in this recipe for top quality fun!

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