Sign jugglers Contraversial


Exhilerating and spectacular human signposts, enthusiastic advertisers and information providers

Sign juggling? This is the way to inform your public - reaching them 'live' in an enthusiastic, interactive and spectacular manner. They combine tricking, parkour and martial arts with mind-boggling stunts performeded with advertisement boards. These performers will get your message across, entertain your guests while they wait, and ensure effective advertising.

These professional trickers utilize the entire location, playfully communicating your message to your guests with infectious sporty energy. As well as providing that show-stopping element, the jugglers can be responsible for your brand awareness - beneficial to your event in multiple ways.

Sign juggling is effective for easily directing your guests to different locations, spaces and activities at both public and corporate events, inside and outside.

Booking sign juggling?
Please contact us for availability and prices.

Contraversial is also available with a freerunning show. Click here for more information.

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