Solo dance act by Justen Beer


One of the most talented breakdancers of the Netherlands

Young, compact and athletic, but a big mover in dance. Justen Beer (16) is one of the most talented young breakdancers of the Netherlands, and his BlueLuna solo act can now be booked for your company event!

Justen learned his first dance moves when he was just seven years old. His official big break was in 2012, when he took part in the TV show ‘Everybody Dance Now’. Justen won the grand final, and continued his winning streak in a one-on-one battle during the ‘World Street Dance’ competition in France, and the ‘King of the Kidz’ competition in Amsterdam.

This young artist is always on the move. Highlights include his performance in the theatre production ‘Loud’, performed in venues such as the Royal Carré Theatre; the opening of the Keith Haring expo in the Kunsthal Rotterdam; and dancing for the royal family. These performances represent just a fraction of the unforgettable milestones Justen has already reached, as his entire life has revolved around dance. On stage, during shows, in TV commercials or music videos.. all over the world.

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Justen Beer can also be booked as a spectacular opening act in combination with pianist Iris Hond. Click here for more information.

Pictures: Ruud Baan

Dutch Breakdance Championships (winner < 14 jaar), Holland’s got talent, Got to dance Germany, Everybody Dance Now (winner 2013), World Street Dance France (winner 2013), King of the Kidz Amsterdam (winner 2014), Superkids 2016, Zapp Sport, Zapp Live, RTL Late Night, TedX Amsterdam, CoolCat

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