Inspirational speech from rapper Typhoon


Subject matter communicated through rap and speech

Typhoon gives tailor-made spoken word performances and speeches for businesses. As an inspirational speaker, he shares his personal story: the journey from a stuttering boy to an accomplished and successful gamechanger, full of optimism and motivation. A story about the choices and decision he had to make, based upon integrity, ambition, instinct, resilience, and the desire to bring people together.

Next to his inspirational speeches, Typhoon can also deliver a creativity workshop where a special text or tailor-made rap can be created. The workshop can subtly emphasize the theme that fits the objectives of your business, for example leadership, dedication, collaboration or team building. The tailor-made rap can even be performed with a professional backing band.

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Typhoon can also be booked with live band. Click here for more information.

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