Pure, inspiring performance

Wende is multi-talented, with two Edisons and a Golden Harp award in her pocket as well as a Golden Calf nomination. Above all, she is a true artist in heart and soul, using the stage as means to move her audience. On stage Wende not only searches for her boundaries, but obliterates them too. She does this both in her own productions, and in projects collaborating with others.

She creates shows and performances with an eye for aesthetic, and pulls out all the theatrical stops in order to tell her story. In this way, she plays with the exciting meeting point between theatre, pop music, electronics and classical music, and how these can work together. This results in a gorgeous balance of entertainment and experiment.

At corporate events Wende will give a powerful performance like no other, a show that does something to the audience. Whether intimate and acoustic with a string quartet, or in front of an entire symphony orchestra, Wende will surprise, challenge, touch, and astonish your public.

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