Benefit gala dinner in the Maastricht A2 tunnel

Benefit gala dinner

On September 12, we created two spectacular acts with the central theme of ‘connection’.


The event bureau TreaT organized the benefit event ‘At Home in the Tunnel’, for the Ronald McDonald houses in Maastricht and Valkenburg. The A2 tunnel between the cities was temporarily transformed into an unusual event location. Although the tunnel was still in construction and yet to be opened, the first building stages were already finished. Nearly 600 guests were awarded a sneak peak during this chic gala dinner.


Event bureau TreaT asked us to create two spectacular acts, with ‘connection’ as a theme and inspiration. This 60 metre stretch of tunnel formed the decor for a special dinner hall as well as the opening show of LEDs Have a Ball. Both ends of the tunnel as well as the middle point provided stages for The Drum People, with their light-up LED balls. The immense LED balls lit up one by one; a visual connection between the percussionists and the guests throughout the long tunnel. From this feast for the eyes grew a rhythmic beat, festively announcing the beginning of the event. We also produced an intermezzo act, where four acrobats and talented whistler Geert Chatrou created a magical connection between their two disciplines, alongside the dinner’s main course.