Original soundtrack performed live

Anniversary party

In July 2015 BlueLuna created an extraordinary production, that can act as a showcase for companies (or individuals) who wish to communicate a message through their own, specially composed soundtrack or official single, complete with video clip.

The event on July 3 2015 was the private party of a couple with three milestones to celebrate; they had been together for twenty years, they had been married for ten, and they were both turning 40 that summer. The client had a passion for art-house films, and he wanted to surprise his down-to-earth partner on this special evening, to touch her in an artistic manner. He approached BlueLuna, whereupon we put together a creative concept and brought in Joep Productions for the practical execution. For the composition and musical production, we worked with Sietse van Gorkum and Studio Floris. Artistically, we were inspired by the soundtrack classics of Ennico Morricone, by performer Rob Cantor, and the classic ‘Mens, durf te leven’ (‘man, dare to live’) that has been performed by prestigious artists such as Ramses Shaffy and Wende Snijders.

A unique and tailor made production, developed from a central concept and with a love for music. The project made optimal use of the space: an island as a beautiful décor, giving a nod to art-house film. This process was an example of co-creation. With our help, the client wrote the soundtrack himself, a truly personal gift from him to his wife. You could not wish for more impact – it was an event with a beautiful beginning and end, an effective working process, all connected to a good cause.

This production is a great showcase for the corporate market. Your own single or soundtrack with a music video offers fantastic possibilities for companies to present themselves, or to bring about a message. With tailor made creative texts and effective musical cross-overs, businesses are able to clearly profile and differentiate themselves.

The event for 250 people held near Rotterdam was peppered with delightful cinematic details. The cocktails were inspired by classic films, the menu was designed to look like a cinema programme, the hamburger was named after the ‘Royale with Cheese’ from Pulp Fiction, the lobster was named after Edward Scissorhands, and so on. The guests experienced an event revolving around film, without it turning into a ‘themed party’: an essential stipulation from the client. This surreal spectacle was filmed by a camera crew and can be viewed here. During the party the dance floor was opened, whereupon at midnight the personalised track was played again in a remix, giving an enormous boost to the evening. The soundtrack was listened to in the busses to the hotels and in the cars home, and is now available for download on iTunes. The profit made from this track goes to Terre de Hommes, a charity dedicated to the halt of child exploitation.