Opening ceremony with 120 artists

Opening ceremony

A newly composed ‘anthem’ was performed by more than 120 artists during the tenth edition of the ‘Longines Global Champions Tour’, a podium for the best show jumpers worldwide. The audience included the royal family of Qatar, and Bruce Springsteen.


Willemijn van Hussen from BlueLuna: ‘Stal Tops is a world-class player and pioneer on the show jumping scene, a sport with a long and distinguished tradition. Tradition, innovation and a passion for the sport were central concepts for us, when designing the opening act. For this opening, we were inspired by the love of equestrian sports, and related this to our own love of music. We also wanted to crate something lasting, that could be used again on their world tours. This resulted in a new ‘anthem’: very valuable for such a unique sport in a such a large arena.


DJ meets orchestra
The DJ and orchestra fit seamlessly together in this symphonic dance track, with a beat based upon the percussive sounds of horses hooves. The composition was masterminded by Erwin Steylen, with a range of arrangers working on the separate instrument sections. This track was recorded live in Wisseloord Studio.


Rehearsal with 120 musicians
The result was an immersive experience, where diversity and recognition met each other in a very special way. Streams of artists filled the arena, as the piece gradually took shape and swelled into life!